AROSPEED Manual Boost Controller-

Part No. :
Product :Arospeed Manual Boost Controller (58 steps)
Color :Gun Metal
Application :Universal Turbo device

Arospeed Boost Controller is one of the best, and most trusted manual boost controllers in Malaysia today. Arospeed Boost Controller is made out of 6061 aluminum to provide a long life for the controller and will stand minimum 150 kPa of boost pressure. Arospeed also provided a 58 clicks for meticulous boost levels adjustment. Installing an Arospeed Boost Controller is important to have a high flowing exhaust added and an aftermarket open type air intake system. This will ensure the car is able to breath, and will allow the turbo to spool easier. It is imperitive to have installed together with NRG boost meter. Most stock boost gauges are not accurate, even at stock boost levels, and lose further accuracy once stock boost is increased. Without the NRG boost meter, you will risk damage to the engine from overboosting.

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