The Super Single Series make an ideal choice as a replacement to the original equipment clutch/flywheel and provide your vehicle with unparallel response and race performance. The super single clutch design is a product of our cumulative knowledge and experience in developing and refining our racing multiplate clutch line.

Model Available:

  • Daihatsu L2/L5
  • Honda B-series
  • Mitsubishi Evo 1-9
  • Mitsubishi 4G93
  • Nissan Skyline RB-series



170% increase in holding capacity Ultra Heavy-Duty Street and Racing

The Pro400 system uses a specially developed pressure plate with an extremely durable customised Sprung Ceramic disc. This is the ultimate extreme duty street and road or drag racing system. It comes in a 5pad STAR cinfiguration to provide a good compromise between full attack mode or progressive street usage. The sprung hub design allows for moderate dampening in high-torque applications,rendering it much more streetable than solid or rigid designs. The ceramic disc is designed for long life, outstanding holding capacity and rapid heat dissipation.

WARNING: rapid heat dissipation Due to the solid friction rivet design, the PRO400 Disc engagesvery quickly and may chatter slightly in first and reverse. To help alleviate this problem, we only use premium ceramic friction material.


200-400% increase in holding capacity RACE only

The Pro500 system uses a specially developed pressure plate along with a solid centre 5 pad STAR configuration customised Ceramic/Sintered Iron Disc. It is designed for maximum holding capacity with maximum friction between clutch plate and the flywheel. For those who does not compromise!

WARNING: The Pro500 is a solid hub(rigid) disc that engages and disengages instantly. This is a Race clutch.


TRINITI Clutch Plate

TRINITI Clutches are professional-level clutches that offers uncompromised reliability and durability for racing applications. It was introduced to the racing scene in year 2003. The SOLD HUB clutches are CAD-designed and assembled with CNC-machined components from high quality materials that meets strictly quality control requirements.


EXEDY Clutch Plate

EVO 7/8/9 EXEDY Single Hyper Clutch


4G93 OS GIKEN Single Hyper


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