Greddy E-Manage Blue New

Haltech Spring 500 (Stand Alone)

Product Description:
Made in japan
Rev Shift Timer also has these following displays and
functions: Post drive idling Auto mode- this calculates the engine status just before post drive idling, so the idle time will be the most ideal time for the engine, ensuring no unnecessary fuel is consumed.Manual Mode- post drive idling time will be performed according to the default setting or setting made by the driver. Rev/shift timing display RPM can be detected and displayed using either alternator pulse (simply through power connection) or alternatively directly from the ECU rev signal. The lamp also flashes to remind the driver to shift up when a specific rev has been set. The simple A/F reading is displayed via the zirconia type O2 sensor signal from the ECU. According to the A/F reading, the full color LED changes to inform the driver of engine status and fuel consumption. Battery voltage display The battery level and charging status can be displayed. Hand Brake Safety Prevents engine from running in post drive idle mode unless handbrake is engaged thus increasing safety and security. Large LED display for easy identification The large LED display can easily be seen, even within a disruptive environment. For vehicles without zirconia O2 sensor or where O2 sensor deterioration has occurred, some of the displays and/or functions may not operate correctly. Some vehicles may not be able display accurate rev, in such case, connection to rev signal line (ECU) may solve this issue.

HKS Turbo Timer Type-0

Turbo timer allows an engine to idle for a preset amount of time after the ignition key has been turned to the off position and removed. By allowing a turbocharged engine to idle, oil continues to pass through the turbo until it has cooled down to the point where oil "coking" will not occur.
A red LED backlit display for easy visibility, 2 timer modes & a battery voltage meter with a peak value indication and warning function.

HKS Fuel Cut Defenser (FCD)

The HKS FCD (Fuel Cut Defencer) is an electronic device developed to properly raise the factory fuel cut level on factory turbocharged vehicles. As modifications are made to optimize engine performance, the factory fuel cut is often triggered by higher boost levels which activate a fuel delivery cut-off as a failsafe procedure. Symptoms of fuel cut are hesitation, bogging, and/or illumination of diagnostic indicators.
The electronic signal from the FCD will raise the fuel cut level to accommodate for the additional boost without triggering fuel cut and/or an engine diagnostic light. The FCD installation is designed to be easily integrated with the VPC/F-CON or factory ECU harness.


PIVOT Shift Light X

PIVOT Start Button

PIVOT Speed Meter V

-The display shine through the skeleton black case
-Drag testing system _ 0-400/0-100 drag test
-km/h monitor

PIVOT Raizin Volt Stabilizer VS-E

PIVOT Raizin volt stabilizert come up Super Earth spark plug earth tune-up system. The system will increases torque at low and middle speeds, stabilizes idling and improves engine kink-over, improves engine response, increases headlight brightness, improves fuel economy, improves battery life and improves bass sound.

PIVOT Mega Raizin VS-M

By increasing condenser capacity & through improvements made to circuitry, not only has voltage stability been enhanced, but newly improved voltage meter means improved voltage supple which in turn means no loss in battery life or performance & the possibility of reaching 100% performance.

PIVOT e-timer

PIVOT Ignition Spark Earth

Engine performance is greatly improved due to a more stable ignition which is brought about by the double effect of a strengthened earthing system & the noise filter circuitry that quickly suppresses noise when ignition coil fires. Due to differences in electrical design, the increase in performance level will differ by car model.

PIVOT Ignition Earth Cable

-Improves the firing speed by reducing voltage loss
-Increasing conductivity of high frequency waves released by ignition coil
-Improves gas mileage & engine torque by facilitating ionization during combustion


REDLINE Throttle Controller

REDLINE Throttle Holder




JASMA Power Coil PC-91

Produces up to 70% more spark than stock coils with outstanding reliability. It is recommended for street, strip circle track and drag racing. The coil use technology which loses less voltage so more spark gets into to your plug. Internally the coil also has large gauge wire windings for maximum spark current and voltage with better heat dissipation at high rpm.

AROSPEED Rage Racing Panel Suiz



SHADOW Digital Volt Meter




APEXI Pen Type Turbo Timer

-Display theoretical air fuel ratio
-Display O2 sensor reading (air/fuel ratio)
-Display voltage & baterry voltage



APEXI Gauge Meter

APEXI EL2 Boost Meter

Product by APEXI Japan
Size 62mm
Available for:
-Black & White face
-2.0 bar scale


G-Reddy V-Manage

G-Reddy Ultimate

G-Reddy E-Manage

-Compensate for upgraded mass air flow meters, throttle bodies, or fuel injectors.
-Adjustments of fuel delivery at 5 different RPM ranges.
-Adjustment of air flow meter signal by up to 20%.
-Incorporated fuel and Boost-cut controller.
-Idle adjustment circuit included.
-Ignition timing adjustment with optional adjustment harness.


EVIL V-TEC Controller

EVIL V-Manage

EVIL Shift Light (Blue/Red)

Easy installation by simply connecting cigarette lighter socket.
Precision electronic technology detects the RPM signal with low error.
Easy placement by separated product body & base. Full aluminium lamp equipped with extra bright LED.
Rotatable inner light piece. Available to be installed in a pillar.
One minute for setting.

EVIL Digital Volt Meter

The display shines through the skeleton black case
High performance style, voltage display monitor


SARD Racing Boost Meter

Product by SARD Racing Japan
Size 62mm
Available for:
-Black & White face
-2.5Bar scale and 2.0Bar scale

SARD Shift Lamp

SARD Volt Stabilizer Magic Box


RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer 90%

-Product by RAIZIN made in Taiwan
-Also available for imitation
-Stabilizing the voltage of car
-Increase horse power, Fuel saving, Brighten head lamp
-Package include Stabilizer & 3 point grounding

DAIZIN Volt Stabilizer

-Made in Taiwan
-Available with digital volt meter, also non digital model type

NRG Boost Meter


CASINO Boost Meter



There are few kind of gauge:
-Boost, Vacuum, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Volt Tachometer, Air/Fuel Ratio and Exhaust Gas Temperature
Size was 2” with LED displayed


A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an instrument.

Available for:
-Exhaust Temperature sensor
-Water Temperature sensor
-Oil Temperature sensor
-Oil Pressure Sensor
-Boost/Vacuum sensor

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