Product discription:

A worn/damaged fuel pump can cause:

  • Fuel pressure drop
  • Lean mixture
  • Rough idling
  • Poor performance
  • Spluttering at high engine rpm
  • Hard starting
  • Rough engine running
  • Excessive noise (usually associated with contaminated fuel)
  • High current draw
  • Fuel pressure fluctuations or Font sizesurge

Replacement benefits, compared to a worn fuel pump:

  • Restore original system pressure
  • Restore engine power
  • Provide smoother running
  • Improve starting

Why choose a Bosch fuel pump?

  • Bosch is the leading supplier to OE manufacturers and is a leader in fuel pump technology
  • Bosch aftermarket fuel pumps all meet OE specifications
  • Broadest market coverage of any manufacturer with the right fit/quality and importantly competitive pricing
Part Number:0-580-254-044

Flow Quantity(Liters/Hour):200 (5Bar)

Inlet Connection:M18X1.5

Outlet Connection:M12X1.5



Max Power Cons (Amps):15.5

Electrical Connection(+/-):M5/M6

POWER Injector

SARD Injector

- Available for 1000cc, 800cc, 700cc


SARD Fuel Regulator

SARD Type Fuel Regulator Taiwan

-Made in Taiwan
-Suitable for all type of car (Turbo/NA)
-Package include:
Fuel rail adaptor, Liquid pressure meter (carbon look), Bracket, Screw

AROSPEED Fuel Regulator

- Available for NA and Turbo
- The entire regulator is selling in full set with High Temp/Pressure Fuel Hose,
High Temp Vacuum Hose, 100psi (7 bar) Metallic Gauge, Metric/Inches Adaptors,
Vacuum Adaptor, Hose Clamps, High Flow/Pressure Fuel Regulator, Stainless Steel Bracket Holder

TOMEI Fuel Regulator

- Made In Taiwan
- Suitable for all type of car ( Turbo/NA) below 350hp
- Package include:
Bracket and Screw

WORKS Fuel Pressure Regulator

- Adjustable from 20psi to maximum fuel capacity
- Maintains stable fuel pressure at high-horsepower levels
- Mounting bracket included
- W-FPR-1 (Stage 1 - up to 600HP)
- W-FPR-2 (Stage 2 - up to 1200hp)

SUPERPOWER Fuel Regulator
- Made in Taiwan
- Suitable for all type of car (Turbo / NA)
- Package include:
* Fuel Rail Adaptor, Liquid Pressure Meter (Carbon Look), Bracket, Screw


SARD Fuel Pump

- Made in Japan
- Capacity 2.8L/hr

WALBRO Fuel Pump

WALBRO Fuel Pump has been a staple in fuel supply for year now. Compared to the stock pump, they are tiny in size but make up for it in high performance flow. With 2.55 liters per hour of flow, they can support upwards of 550hp in a DSM. Some applications will find that am adjustable fuel pressure regulator will be required to control excessive rich idle.


Fuel Regulator Adapter

- Available for:
* GEN2

SARD Fuel Regulator Setting Meter


Fuel Pressure Gauge

- Arospeed Red Colour
- Arospeed Carbon Yellow
- Normal Pressure Gauge Liquid


Mitsubishi Evo 1-3 --- Nissan RB26/25

Honda B16/B18 --- Mitsubishi Evo 4-6

Mitsubishi Evo 7-9 --- Nissan S13 Engine

Nissan S14 Engine --- Toyota 2JZ Engine

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